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Selecting the Right Testing Technology

With many barriers to compliance, from high maintenance costs to time-consuming testing requirements, it’s no surprise many buildings and businesses fall short of emergency lighting regulations.

However, building owners and managers are becoming increasingly aware of emergency lighting compliance, as they look for solutions that reduce risk and minimise the sky-high costs associated with staying compliant. All the while, protecting their building occupants from potential hazards and avoiding hefty fines and lawsuits.

Fortunately, recent advancements in emergency lighting technology and systems are making compliance easier, more affordable, and more accessible than ever before. So, let’s talk about some opportunities building managers and owners have to improve their emergency lighting compliance and reduce costs.

Clevertest Plus (CTP) system is suitable for the simplest and smallest of sites, right through to medium and large installations where compliance and low ownership costs are important. The CTP system replaces the manual testing of emergency lighting, with self-test fittings and includes the CleverSparky Electronic log book app for your phone and PC.

Zoneworks XT HIVE is the most advanced emergency lighting system in the world. Utilising Dynamic self-managed meshing allows the simplest RF backbone set up for any site. Every Zoneworks XT HIVE system is backed by the Clevertronics Lifetime Technical Support program which is designed to help the building owner and maintenance contractor manage the health of the system at no additional cost.

Clevertest Plus System Features

Zoneworks XT Hive Features

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