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    Sofitel Brisbane Central
    Emergency Lighting Installation

    The Sofitel Brisbane Central was looking to reduce cost, complexity and disruption to the hotel, which in turn would allow for a simple way to achieve ongoing compliance.

    Clevertronics L10 Zoneworks XT Hive

    Kedron-Wavell now has an emergency lighting solution providing 12+ years of maintenance-free operation. The Zoneworks XT HIVE system will test and monitor these fittings every 6 months providing all the compliance reporting in one place.

    Palace Cinema
    CleverEVAC Dynamic Exit Installation

    Clevertronics delivered conventional exit signage and dynamic theatre-style exit signage for Palace Cinema Como. The CleverEVAC dynamic signage installed is controlled by a fire detection system, and is activated either in “Dynamic GREEN” or “Dynamic RED X” mode, dependent on the five different fire scenarios detailed.

    Uniting Aldersgate Aged Care
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    A successful application, installation and commissioning of the CleverEVAC Dynamic EXIT signage solution within an Aged Care Facility.

    Rydges Sydney Airport
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Following a meeting of the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering (AIHE) where changes to FPA legislation and AFSS certification were presented, Disc Electrical and Clevertronics were approached by Rydges to audit the existing Zoneworks Emergency Lighting System and provide recommendations for an upgrade to the latest generation Zoneworks XT HIVE RF Meshing technology.

    Emergency Lighting Installation

    The Building Manager Constantine Ponus called Clevertronics for a solution and QSX worked together with Clevertronics to provide a proposal on upgrading the Standard and Emergency Lighting.

    Emergency Lighting Installation

    Owned and operated by the Gold Coast City Council, this state-of-the-art facility required an emergency and exit lighting solution that would provide the lowest possible cost of ownership and include Luminaires that fit with the stylish architectural design requirements. 

    St Mary's School
    Emergency Lighting Installation

    During a routine test of the emergency lighting system at the school, nearly half of the fittings did not meet the requirements and failed a test, mainly in the exterior environment of the premises.

    Community College Bishops Castle
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    The emergency lighting system required replacement to ensure that the building was compliant as the incumbent products were failing and were becoming expensive and difficlult to manage.

    Optus Stadium
    New Emergency Lighting Installation

    With significant experience and outstanding results in prominent buildings and stadiums across Australia, including the MCG, Marvel Stadium and the Adelaide Oval upgrade, Clevertronics was the clear choice to partner with Philips to deliver Emergency Lighting for Optus Stadium.

    Westminister Abbey
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    With a difficult challenge to overcome, the principle of Westminster Abbey Infirmary asked Clevertronics to provide a solution compatible with existing emergency light fittings designed to suit a heritage building application.

    Australian Embassy
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Clevertronics luminaire solutions were carefully chosen and designed to meet the unique client challenge. A top priority to provide sufficient lighting to cover all egress areas causing minimal disruption to the building while upgrading the existing emergency lighting system.

    Coles Group
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    We have programmed the system to self-test every six months, as per our compliance obligations and, at that point, all the technician has to do is check each fitting to see if the LED is displaying a pass or fail indication.

    Novotel Sydney Central
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    A Clevertronics XT HIVE Monitored System – One single HIVE controller and base fittings were installed as part of an incremental upgrade of the site emergency & exit lighting.

    Rockingham Centre
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    A two-stage upgrade of the site. Stage 1 would be the replacement of all emergency & exit lights in the mall areas, where stage 2 would cover the back of house areas, plant rooms and the undercover car park.

    Marvel Stadium
    New Emergency Lighting Installation

    "September 2022 marked ten years since the original installation, and the results have far exceeded expectations. After ten years in service, 97.4% of the original fittings are still operating as installed without any maintenance required."

    HBF Stadium
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    The stadium already had installed a Zoneworks XT with L10 Nanophosphate fittings and with more recent renovations they needed additional emergency lighting to the facility which was located away from the main infrastructure of the stadium.

    Perth Museum
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Integration of a new modern build with an existing 120-year building was a huge challenge in itself. All heritage listed guidelines had to be followed along with allowing for a modern monitored system and the hardware that is required to make it function.

    St Vincent’s Care Services
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    The Clevertest Plus system was set up and commisioned within three hours which included the initial two-hour discharge test. “I was expecting the set up of the system to take longer, but it was fast and seamless".

    Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    The maintenance of the competitor Nickel Cadmium fittings was a constant challenge due to the high failure rate of batteries, poor communications to the fittings and no local technical support.

    Mount Hospital
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Managing emergency lighting compliance on a medium to large site without a monitoring and testing system can be challenging. Combine this with buildings that have been extended and upgraded over the years it becomes even more difficult.

    Australian Tax Office
    New Emergency Lighting Installation

    Recent results from the site in May 2016 which is 12 months from the commissioning date has found that the site over this period has achieved an incredible result of less than 1% failure rate.

    Legacy Way Tunnel
    New Emergency Lighting Installation

    The twin two-lane tunnels include 37 underground cross passages, which connect Legacy Way’s two tunnels every 120m to provide safe access between the tunnels in the event of an incident.

    Melbourne Underground Rail Link
    New Emergency Lighting Installation

    During a review of a 15km underground rail network that connects four stations in the Melbourne CBD, it was agreed that the emergency lighting technology installed along these tunnel networks were out of date

    Martin Wilson Primary School
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Clevertronics were asked to suggest applicable systems to replace Martin Wilson's existing emergency lighting and exit signage. One of the main challenges that the site faced was failing, older battery technologies across their whole estate.

    City of Oxford College
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Running multiple education environments across the Oxford area, including the City of Oxford College. Introduced to us by our installing partner Powercor, Activate Learning were looking to improve emergency lighting compliance, energy and maintenance costs. 

    London Bus Depots
    Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Working in partnership with RATP DEV and Powercor, Clevertronics addressed the client's challenges and created an emergency lighting life safety system that would suit the specific needs of the site.

    St George’s College
    Existing Emergency Lighting Upgrade

    Clevertronics were commissioned to deliver a comprehensive emergency lighting solution designed to meet to meet all of the specifications, quality, installation and logistical challenges required by St George's College.

    Zurich Tower
    CleverEVAC Dynamic Exit Installation

    Clevertronics worked with Goldline Industries and AECOM fire safety and electrical engineers to develop a dynamic exit solution. In order to mitigate the risks of evacuation, CleverEVAC was selected to feature throughout the three carpark basement levels. 

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